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Academy Bistro Sandra and Chris Martin

I’ve worked in the food industry in different capacities since graduating from St. Mary’s Academy in 1997. I love people, and connection is very important to me, so serving always seemed like the right fit. Running Academy Bistro connects my business sense with my love for service and food. It’s a perfect fit!

I also have a deep appreciation for the community of St. Mary’s Academy. My parents worked hard to provide me the opportunity to attend St. Mary’s Academy, and I am so grateful. Having the opportunity to learn in a faith based environment shaped me is so many ways. I feel blessed to walk through the doors of St. Mary’s and call it my place of work!

Chris is so passionate about food, and is always increasing his culinary knowledge. He loves impressing our family and friends with elaborate meals, and we are lucky to be on the receiving end of some great meals! He has spent over 30 years working in commercial kitchens, serving and in management. It finally feels like we can take past lessons and create a formula that works for the future of our careers in this industry.

As a husband and wife team, Chris and I have learnt a lot in our first few months of working together. We look forward to continuing our growth by adjusting and changing based on the needs of the students, staff, and guests.

Our amazing team helps us every day to make it possible! They are like family to me. Some of them are family! They make our lives better and we simply can not reach our goals without them. We are truly grateful to our dedicated team. 

Sandra Martin


Academy Bistro Chris and Sandra Martin