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I have worked in the food industry in different capacities for 30 years. Since graduating from St. Mary’s Academy in 1997 I followed a path in Social Work, but the food industry always drew me back. I love interacting with people, so customer service has always seemed like the right fit. Running Academy Bistro connects my business sense with my love for service and food. It’s a perfect fit!

I also have a deep appreciation for the community of St. Mary’s Academy. My parents worked hard to provide me the opportunity to attend St. Mary’s Academy, and I am so grateful. Having the opportunity to learn in a faith based environment shaped me in so many ways. I feel blessed to walk through the doors of St. Mary’s and call it my place of work!

This has truly been a team effort, so for all the "I" statements I want to acknowledge that there is a team supporting this operation.

I want to thank my husband Chris for his countless hours of work and support. Edwin and Beth for coming into the school and giving so much energy and effort. My parents, for dropping what they are doing and coming to my rescue! I truly feel so fortunate.

Sandra Martin